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Largest Arab Investment Strategy

The world of WEB 3.0 starts with Arabic Cash. Invest in the tools of the future and earn money today. Own the official ABIC token before it goes mainstream


The Arabic Cash services

Immediately after the launch of Arabic Cash in public trading on PancakeSwap, the project offers investors additional opportunities to increase profits in addition to the organic growth of the price of the ABIC token.

Staking ABIC Token

Staking ABIC Token

45% APY

Staking ABIC Token

Farming ABIC Token

Farming with a fund of
2,000,000 ABIC

Staking ABIC Token

Arabic Cash Lottery

170,000 ABIC

Staking ABIC Token

Best price

Best price
for growing trend

What’s the phenomenon of the Arabic Cash?

phenomenon of the Arabic Cash

Arabic Cash is independent decentralized financial project that works on the principle of loans and deposits, backed by Arab investments. Get ready for DEX Arabic Cash and a brand new digital finance product - the world's first crypto bank!

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Invest in Arabic Cash
Easy and Fast

How to buy token arabic cash?

Connect to PancakeSwap

The button will take you to the point of sale on DEX PancakeSwap. Connect your wallet (MetaMask or Trust Wallet)and purchase an ABIC token.

Add to Liqudity ABIC/BUSD

Then fill the liquidity pool in the ABIC / BUSD pair and get LP tokens to your wallet.

Farming Arabic Cash

Connect your wallet to the official Arabic Cash website and put your LP tokens on the farm. After that, you will receive a profit everysecond in relation to your filled pool volume.

DEX PancakeSwap

0.3% Fee

| in BNB

Circulation: 10,000,000 ABIC

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Staking ABIC

60% earn in ABIC


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